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Whether you want a Business Coach, or just some affordable business services, we are here to help. 

Pricing is dependent on the type of services required, length of engagement, and the client's preferred method of obtaining our affordable business services.  Having said that, the information below is designed to give you some ideas of options in which our companies can work together to achieve your desire outcomes.

One Hour at a Time

For many engagements, "Time and Expense" is the preferred method of pricing. Pricing is dependent on whether the work is performed by an Associate or a company principal. Staff work is billed at lower hourly ranges. Assignment of work is dependent on the type of engagement, skill-set needed, and request of the client.  

Project Basis

For clients needing only a limited engagement, the project approach may be best for you.  Once a scope of a project is developed and defined, CHSI can give you a set price for that project.  This takes all the guess work out of the final cost.

Flat Reoccurring Fee

Some clients desire an on-going relationship with a business coach. These clients elect the "flat monthly fee" approach. A flat fee approach can range from $500 per month up to $5000 per month for a set number of hours each month. The hourly rate is on a discounted basis, therefore, this approach requires a three month commitment.

Contracted Service

CHSI does offer a few services for businesses that require a contracted period of time due to the nature of the service.  These service included:

- Workers Comp Cost Containment

- Customer Support Services

- Management Services

- Senior Controller Services (remote oversight of accounting by a CPA)

Business Coach - Business Consulting - Affordable Business Services - Workers Comp Cost Containment - Business Coach - Affordable Business Services - Workers Comp Cost Containment